Spolert Wine Cellar

Departure: Hotel

Arrival: Spolert Winery, Via Novacuzzo, 41, 33040 Prepotto (UD) – 68 miles from the Hotel


You will be spending your day in a beautiful lively and young winery in the Eastern Colli of Friuli. Here you will be able to admire the landscape, discover what a Spolert is and taste the excellent local wines, you will have a personal trainer who will guide you on your personalized experience.

You can choose whether to try the path designed to relieve stress, the one dedicated to relieve back pain, the one dedicated to women or a yoga session: the price does not change!

Finish the visit with a picnic lunch, lovingly made by the company and for you to be consumed immersed in the vineyards or wherever you like.

When: open every day

Price per person € 45,00

Do you want to participate at the experience without worrying about moving your car? We have special prices for transfers.

The price includes: tasting, an hour and a half of personalized activities to choose between yoga, Nordic walking or meditation in the middle of the rows, picnic basket.

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