Cooking lessons with food tasting : “The salmon trout: excellence of our waters”


Silvana will tell you about the protagonist of the fresh waters of Friuli Venezia Giulia: the salmon trout; together you will prepare 3 dishes that will vary depending on the season that has salmon trout of Friuli as its main ingredient. She will also give you a small booklet with some recipes that you can make at home. Luana will match the wines for you and she will make you taste 2 wines of Friuli Venezia Giulia, while telling you about the various particularities of the territory, the vineyards and recommended companies.


from Monday to Friday at 6 pm

Saturday and Sunday at 11 am or at 6 pm

Upon reservation and based on availability.

Duration: 2 Hours

Price per person: € 55,00 

Minimum 2 People 

The price includes: cooking lesson, tatsing of the 3 dishes you prepared, recipe book, tasting of 2 wines guided by the Sommelier

At the end of the lesson you can buy the bottles of wine tasted.

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