All You Can Eat Pizza Nigt @Forc-Eat

Departure: Hotel

Arrival: Restaurant-Pizzeria Forc-eat in Fontanafredda (PN) – 4 miles from the Hotel


It’s not just a regular pizza night, this is a true tasting experience. You will meet Massimo an award- winning pizza chef with his original pizza doughs and his special and creative combinations and don’t worry about which pizza to choose because we made this experience an all you can eat pizza edition! You will be able to taste every variety on the menu until you are full.

When: from Wednesday to Friday

Price per person € 45,00

€ 75,00 with private trip from / to hotel by car (2-4pax) / € 110,00 by Van (5-8pax)

The price contains: all you can eat pizza night formula with 1 drink included per person.

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