Saliet Farm

Departure: Hotel

Arrival: Claut (PN) – 28 miles from the Hotel


In the heart of the Dolomiti Friulane , in the marvellous town of Claut there is a company that cultivates medicinal plants and transforms them into products of the highest quality. Carlo, the soul of the company, will accompany you to the fields, teach you how to recognise plants and discover their properties. Later on you will visit the laboratory and see the stills in action to distill the famous essential oils of Saliet. To conclude the day you will be served a small snack with herbal tea and homemade biscuits.

When: from Monday to Friday , upon request Saturdays and Sundays

Price per person € 35,00

Do you want to participate at the experience without worrying about moving your car? We have special prices for transfers.

The price contains: complete visit around the farm with a little snack break and a small free gift.

Upon request: Lunch with local products in a Hut or in a typical restaurant of the town

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