King Goat and Orzaie horses

Departure: Hotel

Arrival: San Giovanni di Polcenigo (PN) – 4 miles from the Hotel


A day dedicated completely to nature and for you to be in close contact with all the farm animals.  We start off our day from Re Caprone, a farm managed by Sarah, with her passion for animals and her liveliness you will be guided through the farm and you will have the honour to meet all of the billy goats that live there and in particular Ettore the magnificent male billy goat, who gives the company Re Caprone (the king goat) its name. Not only are there billy goats but you will also find pigs and donkeys. You can also feed the animals or help Sarah with her daily tasks.

Your Day will continue with a well deserved and excellent light lunch based on the products of the farm: caciotta a typical cheese, ricotta cheese, different aged cheeses and much more, all strictly produced with goat’s milk. The cheese tasting will be accompanied by local wines and local cold cuts.

In the afternoon, walking distance, you will reach another beautiful reality in the area: a riding stable managed with passion and love by Valentina. Here you will admire the ponies, stallions and other special guests. You will learn how to groom the horses and If you wish, there is also the possibility of booking a horseback riding lesson.

When: from Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays upon request

Price per person € 30,00

Do you want to participate at the experience without worrying about moving your car? We have special prices for transfers.

The price contains: a morning at the educational farm; a snack or light lunch; a visit to theriding school.

Upon request 1 hour horse riding lesson.

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