Gelindo dei Magredi with different activities

Departure: Hotel

Arrival: Gelindo dei Magredi – Vivaro (PN) – 14 miles from the Hotel


This is a very well known company in Friuli. You can spend a whole day trying out many different activities like: horseback riding in the countryside or an hour long riding lesson in the stables (dedicated to beginners); a carriage ride; a cooking workshop (for adults, children or the whole family); a mosaic workshop and much more. At the end of the various activities a set lunch will be served, designed to give you a taste of the restaurant’s specialties, based on local 0 km products.

With a small extra fee there is also the possibility to stop by the pool to enjoy some more relaxing time.

When: from Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays upon request

Price per person € 70,00

Do you want to participate at the experience without worrying about moving your car? We have special prices for transfers.

The price contains: lunch tasting typical of Friuli, activities to choose from: an hour lesson of horseback riding or horseback riding in the countryside; a carriage ride; a cooking or mosaic workshop; a set menu lunch and a small discount for the afternoon by the pool.

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