Dorigo Farm

Departure: Hotel

Arrival: Campagna di Maniago (PN) – 15 miles from the Hotel


Are you looking for a unique place to spend a couple of hours? This farm is the right place for you.

Here you will find the best Abarth stock-car museum in Europe, the museum of country life and restaurant built entirely of wood.

You can also visit the educational animal farm, engage in some activities in the garden or in the magnificent orchards, or you can simply take a walk in the various green areas and relax on one of the many lawns.

When: from Monday to Saturday, Sundays upon request

Price per person € 35,00

Do you want to participate at the experience without worrying about moving your car? We have special prices for transfers.

The price contains: visits to the museums, educational farm activities and light lunch with farm products.

Upon request it is also possible to organise a personalised organic cooking lesson.

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